Asha Niketan provides its beneficiaries with training in activities of daily living and vocational training. As part of the curricular and co curricular activities they are taught self help, grooming, meal time etiquette, dressing, reading and writing, helping others, cleanliness, good manners, gardening and cooking. They are also introduced to a number of activities like mealtime activities, receptive and expressive activities, domestic activities, recreation and leisure time activities and community orientation. A number of celebrations are held every year to provide the children with opportunities to display their talents and learning skills.


Since many of the children are also affected by physical disabilities, they are provided with physiotherapy. A trained physiotherapist assists them regularly. We have a physiotherapy room equipped with required instruments. Many of our children have made remarkable progress after attending the sessions

Speech therapy

Some of our special children are also affected by hearing impairment.  Such children are helped out by a trained speech therapist who assist them with various activities

Vocational training

Under this  the children are trained to make cards, envelops, candle flowers, charts and rakhis. The skill they acquire under the vocational training would serve them as an  income generating means to enable them to  earn their livelihood